Easy Gardening Tips For Your First Home

Friday February 23, 2018

You’ve got your house decorated down to the last detail and it’s looking fabulous. The colour schemes flow naturally and the furniture just works. So, what’s that gnawing feeling when you look outside? The garden perhaps? Gardening may seem an expensive and time-consuming endeavour, but with a little TLC, you can grow flowers, vegetables and shrubs cheaply, easily and effectively. Take a look at our tips to find out how.

What does your paint colour say about you?

Thursday February 15, 2018

How you paint your rooms are said to be an expression of who you are, your mood and the environments you most like to be in. Whether you have a colour scheme in mind or are currently considering samples, let’s look at what your paint colour says about you.
So, you’ve decided to buy a new build house. That’s pretty exciting. You’ll be the first person (or family) to live and create memories there. Think of all the modern features your house will have and the reduction in old-age repairs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? All benefits aside, there are still things to consider. We’ve compiled a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important and hopefully make moving in less stressful.
Moving house can be a very stressful experience. There is so much to remember. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we have created this checklist of all the different places you need to remember to change your address with when you move.

Interior design trends for 2018

Monday January 22, 2018

We’ve been cruising magazines, interior design blogs and Pinterest to see what the big interior design trends are for 2018. Whether you are putting your own stamp on your brand new Oriel home, or you are redecorating one room in your house to make a change, check out these trends and see if any of them inspire you to create your dream home.
Home is where the heart is, but should that home be rented or owned? What reasons do people have to choose to stop renting and get their foot firmly on the property ladder? And why do other people choose to rent long term? Read on to find out!

The top 5 reasons to move to Kirkby

Friday December 15, 2017

The Kirkby area is currently undergoing a £200m regeneration, making this an incredibly exciting time to make Kirkby your home. Find out why this town in Merseyside is a great place to live.

New Year, New Home

Tuesday December 12, 2017

The new year is on the horizon, which means it is a time that we start to reflect on the year that has passed and think about the resolutions we will make for the year ahead. We make plans for a fresh start, identifying areas of our lives that can be improved in order to make ourselves happier, more successful or more content the following year. January is therefore a very busy time of year in the property market, as there is no better way to make a fresh start than by moving into a new home.

How to create the perfect work space

Friday December 8, 2017

Whether it is because you work from home or simply to carry out general life admin, having an office space in your home is very useful. However, many houses do not have the space to be able to dedicate an entire room for this purpose. This has led to a trend towards the ‘office nook’ or ‘office zone’. Read on for ideas about how to make the most of the space you have and create a small office space that is functional and attractive.
When you’ve just moved into your first home, the temptation to host Christmas Day is often too difficult to resist. Your family may have made it look easy over the years, but a smooth and successful Christmas Day takes significant preparation if it is going to be enjoyable for everyone. We want to help all first timers have a fantastic time hosting in their new home, so read on for our top tips for hosting Christmas Day in your first home.