Keeping your home safe over the festive season

Posted: Monday December 7, 2015

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‘Tis the season to be jolly – and we’re sure as we get closer to the big day that’s exactly what you are. But while we’re wrapped up in the parties, present-giving and over-indulging, it’s equally important to remain safe this festive season. 

Here are our top tips on looking after your home and loved ones over the Christmas period: 

Crossed Wires: It’s a fantastic tradition to light up your home inside and out during advent, but with Christmas lights come plenty of wires. If you’ve got young families visiting, or elderly relatives coming to stay, it’s important to ensure wires are tucked away to avoid trips and falls. Equally important is giving the lights some ‘off time’. Too much time switched on might lead to overheating which could be very dangerous, and also harsh on your monthly bills. 

Think Green: When you’re cooking for what may seem like the 5,000, remembering to recycle might drop down on your priority list. But when you’re drinking from more bottles, unwrapping lots of gift paper and peeling those extra potatoes Grandad asked for, it’s important to continue caring for our environment. Allocate one area of your kitchen for recycling materials, and store everything there until you’ve got a spare five minutes to split it into the right dustbins. That way, you’ll stay on Santa’s good list for next year.

Candle Commotion: There’s nothing cosier than lighting a few candles and snuggling down in front of the fire with ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and a hot chocolate. But as you slope off to bed later on, it’s easy to forget just how many candles you lit. Unattended candles can lead to fires, and that’s one thing you definitely don’t want to remember your Christmas for. Leave a reminder on a wall or a door you’ll definitely pass before going to bed, telling yourself to check those candles one last time. You’ll not only be absolutely safe, but you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Lock It Away: Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that burglaries still take place over Christmas. Opportunists take advantage of families travelling away to see relatives, and the abundance of gifts that have been shared between loved ones being left behind. That’s why it’s more important than ever to double check the locks on your windows and doors this December. If you’re going away for a few days, ask a neighbour to check-in on the house and ensure gifts are completely out of sight from passers-by. If you have an alarm, put it to good use.

Wrap Up: Yes, it’s cold. Yes, using the heating is an easy option. But turning your gas fire and radiators up a notch isn’t just damaging to your wallet – it’s potentially harmful to the environment. This year, invest in draught excluders for your doors to keep out the cold. Then stock up on some ‘cosies’ - a fluffy blanket, a Christmas jumper or some thick socks - and next time you go to switch on the fire, think about whether layering up would have exactly the same effect. It’s much more fun and festive, and will cost much less than using your energy.

And above all else… Have fun!