Moving house in winter – what you need to consider

Posted: Monday January 25, 2016

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While moving house in winter can come with obstacles for many people - like adverse weather, lower temperatures and less hours of daylight – less competition means you’re more likely to get hold of a trusted and reliable removals firm.

To help you tackle a winter house move, here are five things you should consider:

Arriving to a warm home: it’s worth getting in touch with your estate agent to ask if the previous owners might be able to leave the heating on a low setting after they vacate so you arrive to a warm home – and one with its pipes still intact! Either way, remember to tell your energy company of the moving date and give them the energy readings ASAP, so you can start to get cosy in your new home straight away and ensure you don’t incur any additional bills.

Plan your route: with winter comes bad weather, and while you can’t predict every effect snow, ice and excessive rain might have on the roads, you can prepare. Plan the route to your new home, and think about a number of variations should you come across road closures. Have weather and traffic apps on your phone to keep tabs of what’s going on, and be as prepared as possible. If you’re lucky enough to be moving close by, check access to your new home is possible the day before the big move.

Pack a hamper of essentials: your life is in boxes right now, and there’s nothing worse than getting to your new home and not being able to find anything. Allocate one box to ‘essentials’ – a flask, a kettle, some tea bags, a small carton of milk, tins of soup, a pan, a change of clothes and some fresh towels. You’ll be amazed at what a warm brew and some clean clothes will do after a difficult day of box shifting.

Use daylight wisely: depending when you move, you might only have the benefit of around eight hours of daylight, which will disappear quickly once you get moving. Organise a plan of action for the day – have everything packed the night before, be ready to get started as soon as it’s light enough, and rope in some friends to share the load. That way, you’ll be done before it gets dark again.

Use a reputable removals firm: if you’re hiring a removals firm, spend some time asking them how they cope in a crisis like bad snow, and whether they take the time to go the extra mile, like protecting your new floor coverings with plastic sheets. After all, you don’t want to be cleaning up muddy stains before you even get chance to settle in! A good removals firm will help put your mind at rest, so you know the moving process will be smooth and easy to manage.

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