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Posted: Monday March 14, 2016

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Moving home can be stressful enough without the added challenge of getting to grips with your new commute. If you’re moving out into the sticks, a longer commute with several different methods of transport might be on the cards. Meanwhile, if your only option is to drive to work you might end up paying hefty car parking fees or clocking up additional mileage.

While the average commute time in the UK is around 55 minutes, an incredible 10% of the country’s workers commute for three hours or longer - in one direction. Such long journeys can result in higher stress levels and when you’re about to work a full day and have a brand new home to return to at night, added anxiety is exactly what you don’t need. To help make your new commute as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together a list of tips so it’s plain sailing all the way.


Improve your fitness
A longer commute can mean you miss out on your R&R, which for many includes a gym session or fitness class. Integrate keeping fit with your commute by replacing a short train journey with a walk, or time usually spent in the car with a cycle ride. By doing so you’ll keep fit, save money, protect the environment – and release all those great endorphins!

Relaxation and brain power
If you have no option other than travelling by bus or train for a lengthy amount of time, use it wisely. Read to relax, or download one of the many brain-game apps available today so you’re increasing your intelligence, vocabulary and arithmetic – or even learn a foreign language. Try it – the time will fly by and you could pick up a new skill in the process!

Life admin
Many jobs you have to carry out as a homeowner can take up the majority of your evening – and when you’ve just moved house, this list can be even longer than usual. Use your commute time (if you’re on a bus or train) to send all the emails and make all the calls you need to, so that when you return home you’re not diving into another list of tasks and can fully relax.

Car share
Do any of your colleagues live nearby to your new home? Why not ask if they’d be interested in car sharing for the commute? Not only will you have someone to talk to, you’ll save money on petrol, potentially make a good friend and because you’re taking turns to drive, the passenger can relax making the commute less stressful for half the week. That way, you’ve extra energy for decorating your new home at the weekend and you’re having a positive effect on the environment.

Yes, moving home means taking a large amount of time to consider the effect it will have on your commute, and to plan exactly how you’ll get to work.

The Oriel homes at the new Woodlands development in Halewood offer a viable commute solution in the Liverpool City Region. Each home has two car parking spaces, and as well as being accessible to main commute routes, the site also sits on a 10-mile long cycle path that leads directly into Liverpool city centre.

Take a look at our new developments here, and see whether moving into a new Oriel home could help solve your commuting challenges.