How to create the perfect work space

Posted: Friday December 8, 2017

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Whether it is because you always or occasionally work from home or simply to carry out general life admin, having an office space in your home is very useful. However, many houses do not have the space to be able to dedicate an entire room for this purpose. This has led to a trend towards the ‘office nook’ or ‘office zone’. Read on for ideas about how to make the most of the space you have and create a small office space that is functional and attractive.


Maximise nooks & crannies

 The perfect home office maximises the space that you have available. If you have an alcove, cupboard or a small corner that isn’t being used in your living room, bedroom, hall or elsewhere, think about using it as your office nook. If the space is wide enough to comfortably use a laptop or write in a notebook then you can transform it into the perfect work space.


High shelves

 Build up rather than out by inserting floating shelves and attractive storage boxes above the space for the desk. You can go all the way up to the ceiling and really optimise the amount of storage you get from the space.


Utilise wall space 

If the area for your desk is quite minimal, attach poles and hooks to the wall to hang pots for your pens and smaller stationary. Then your desk isn’t cluttered and the space still looks neat and tidy.


Use colour

Make it clear which area of the room is the office with a patterned wall paper or by painting the section a different colour. This draws the eye and makes the office space a feature of the room rather than something you are trying to hide.


Behind closed doors

If you want to be able to keep your office ‘behind closed doors’ then incorporate doors, a shutter or curtains into your office space. You can hide the shelving and storage inside a cupboard above your desk, or separate the whole space with an attractive wooden shutter or curtain.


Slide away

If you are really lacking space, incorporate a slide away or fold away desk rather than a permanent fixture which gets in the way when it isn’t in use.


Double purpose 

If you already have a flat surface that you don’t use very often, for example a breakfast bar or an entertainment unit, incorporate your office into that space by adding additional shelving, storage or a small chair.