Decorating your home for Christmas on a budget

Posted: Wednesday November 1, 2017

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There are 12 days of Christmas, so we want to give you 12 great decorating idea to deck your halls this Christmas time, without spending a fortune.


Decorate your home with all of the Christmas well wishes from your friends and family. Hang the cards around your living room and your kitchen with some brown string and mini pegs, and then you can really make the most of the Christmas designs and season’s greetings.


Hang candy canes on your Christmas tree and on sections of strings around the house. They look stunning and make a lovely Christmas treat for any visitors. 


You might have some old Christmas tree baubles that you don’t like or use any more. Rather than throw them away, glue them all together in the shape of a wreath and hang it on a door. It’s also a fun Christmas activity to do either by yourself or with the kids. Watch this YouTube video for instructions! 


If you have a dining room that is only used for your Christmas dinner, set the table in advance so that you can appreciate your lovely display for longer than one day. 


Personalised stockings for all of the household are wonderful ways to decorate a fire place or a dresser. Hand sewn stockings give a homely feel and are a fun Christmas project, or, if your sewing skills are a little lacking, you can buy personalised stockings online.

6)     GREENERY 

Wrap fake holly or pine style greenery around your stair bannisters to spread the joy of the Christmas tree to other parts of your home.

7)     PHOTOS

Bring a touch of Christmas to the photos that you already have around the home by sticking Christmas hats onto the frames.

8)     CANDLES

At Christmas you can never have too many candles around the home. Use tea lights or pillar candles in white, green and red around the house to bring atmosphere and, if they are scented, a lovely Christmas smell.

Candles are a great way to decorate the home at Christmas

9)      PLANTS

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a poinsettia or two adorning a window ledge.


Fill glass bowls with tangerines, cranberries and figs. Healthy snacks for Christmas visitors and decorations in one.


Bake a ginger bread house or ginger bread men and resist the urge to eat them. Instead, place in a focal point as a decoration.

12)     PINE CONES

Collect pine cones on your winter walks, spread some glue on the spines and sprinkle it with glitter. Scatter these on window ledges, work tops and your tables, or attach some ribbon and decorate the tree or bannister.

dip pine cones in glitter for christmas decorations on a budget