Questions to Ask When Buying a New Build House

Posted: Wednesday October 25, 2017

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Buying a new home is a huge commitment. Make sure you are fully aware of and understand the  buying process and know all of the details about your potential new home.  We have compiled a list of the 'must ask' questions that you should ask yourself and your developer. We hope you find these useful, and let us know if there are any other questions that you think would be relevant to add to this list. 

Can I afford to buy a property? 

Even with the many government schemes available to first time buyers, buying a house is a big financial commitment. Make sure you also consider the following costs that could arise:

-      Solicitors fees

-      Stamp duty

-      Valuation fee

-      Mortgage lender fee

-      Removal vans

-      Furniture & fittings

Can I easily commute to work?

Test your commute at rush hour to make sure that you know exactly what journey you will be making twice a day. It might be a smooth ride at 12noon or 7pm, but what is it like at 5pm? Is the development near a school that will create a lot of traffic at certain times of day?

What is the council tax band going to be?

Contact your local council to find out what the council tax band of the property is. If the property has not been raised as a property for council tax yet then the council will be able to assign a temporary banding until the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) get it finalised.

Does the house have a warranty?

New build homes by quality developers will have a 10-year warranty which covers major structural repairs, check what yours is.

Can I live here for the foreseeable future?

When you are buying a new build, it is important that you plan for the future. If you plan on starting a family, make sure that your new home has the room to accommodate for any new arrivals. Otherwise, you will find yourself having to move again in a short space of time which can be very stressful and expensive. 

What are the local schools and surrounding areas like?

If you have children or are planning to have children whilst living in your new home, it is very important to check the league tables and OFSTED reports on the local schools and check all the amenities you require are within good reach from your potential new home.