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Posted: Friday February 9, 2018

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So, you’ve decided to buy a new build house. That’s pretty exciting. You’ll be the first person (or family) to live and create memories there. Think of all the modern features your house will have and the reduction in old-age repairs. Sounds great, doesn’t it? All benefits aside, there are still things to consider. We’ve compiled a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important and hopefully make moving in less stressful.

Before Moving In:

  • Organise Payment and decide whether you have the correct funds

    -       Help to Buy is a popular option, needing only a 5% deposit. The Government provides a 20% equity loan and the other 75% can be paid back through a mortgage. The equity loan requires no repayments for the first 5 years.

    -       Shared Ownership. This is where you purchase a percentage share of the property and pay rent on the remaining share.

  • Know the Development Plan and estimated timescale for completion of your new home.
  • Ensure You Know What’s Included (i.e. appliances).

For anything not included, compare prices on and organise:

-       Utilities (e.g. heating, gas and water).

-       Appliances (e.g. an oven, hob and microwave).

-       Council Tax.

  • Compile a ‘snagging’ list

-       To allow builders to fix any defects found before moving-in day.

  • Home Insurance:

-       Covering building and contents.

  • Check the Warranty
  • New build houses usually have a 10-year warranty, but it’s always best to double-check with the developer. All Oriel homes come with a 10-year warranty so if you’re buying with us, you’ve got 10 years peace of mind.
  • Discover the Neighbourhood

-       Transport links; Supermarkets; Leisure Activities; Drs, Dentists, Schools.

For other things you should consider before you move, check out our previous post, ‘QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN BUYING A NEW BUILD HOUSE’.


Moving In:

  •       Organise removal vans (we can help with all removals!).
  •       Label boxes for ease.
  •       Make key copies.
  •       Get to know the neighbourhood.

After Moving In:

We hope this comprehensive list has helped you.

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