What does your paint colour say about you?

Posted: Thursday February 15, 2018

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Breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve moved in, the last box has been emptied and you’ve got the heating to work (which is a good thing this February). Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Decorating. How you paint your rooms are said to be an expression of who you are, your mood and the environments you most like to be in. Whether you have a colour scheme in mind or are currently considering samples, let’s look at what your paint colour says about you.


Warm Colours (Yellows and Oranges)

Warm colours make a room feel more intimate and cosy, and is said to stimulate conversation. Therefore, you have a warm, sunny and welcoming personality, highlighted by the fact you constantly have friends over. You’re definitely an extrovert.

Works Best In: Lounge; Kitchen

Complimentary Colours: Grey; Blue; Green.


Cool Colours (Blues and Greens)

Cool colours make a room feel more relaxed and tranquil, a place where you can unwind after a busy day at work. Blues suggest you have a soothing and quiet nature and like a place where you can hide away from the world. Greens suggest you’re happy to let the mood take you. You may one minute be reading, and then have a creative burst and write the next best play. You’re open to anything.

Works Best In: Lounge; Home Office; Bedroom

Complimentary Colours: Neutrals; Yellow; Brown


Neutrals (Beige, Grey, Brown and White)

Neutrals add sophistication and simplicity and allows the furniture to take centre stage. Neutrals suggest you are practical, logical and cautious, though can always be depended upon when needed.

Works Best In: Lounge; Hallways; Kitchens

Complimentary Colours: Other Neutrals; Light Green; Light Blue


Jewel Tones (e.g. Ruby and Amethyst)

Jewel Tones give a room style and flair as they scream extravagance. You like being centre-stage and the life of the party, regaling friends with witty anecdotes and little titbits. You’re also adventurous and crave the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Works Best In: Dining Room; Home Gym

Complimentary Colours: Neutrals


Dark Hues (Black and Grey)

Dark hues also suggest sophistication, but coupled with comfort, creativity and independence. You like company, but prefer time alone where you can get lost in thought. You may be quiet, but your ingenuity speaks for itself.

Works Best In: Bedroom; Lounge

Complimentary Colours: Jewel Tones; Neutrals


So, what does your paint colour say about you?

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