Get Your Garden Ready For Summer Parties

Posted: Monday July 30, 2018

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Whether your garden parties are all about sophistication with Pimm’s and cucumber sandwiches, or whether you prefer to fire up the BBQ for a meaty feast, make sure you are party ready this summer with our handy hints. 

Garden Furniture

The garden takes centre-stage, so it has to create a relaxing ambience and make everyone feel welcome. Against the backdrop of luscious grass and greenery, we suggest garden furniture in soft shades and pastel colours, and placing scatter cushions on the chairs for extra comfort. A gazebo is a good idea for shade on those especially hot days, and can also be used to protect the food and drinks from the heat and pests. If kids are invited, why not set up some tepees made of fabric, wooden poles/bamboo canes and strong ribbon for imaginative fun. Arrange some games like croquet or bowling on the grass to keep them entertained.

On the table, add linen tablecloths and decorative runners for sophisticated appeal, and the addition of small plants and flowers can make the table pop.


Garden Decoration 

There are lots of ways to decorate your garden. We’ve always loved paper lanterns strung across trees, as they not only add colour during the day, but can create a romantic atmosphere at night when lit. Alternatively, you can also use storage jars with Christmas lights tied around or inside them for a similar effect. Mix and match colours for that summery feel, and always ensure they’re secured to the trees or walls you hang them from. 

For night parties, place rugs on the grass for cosy conversation, but don’t forget to give the lawn a clean-cut mow beforehand. Planting potted flowers that match your party’s colour scheme is a good idea too.

Citronella tea lights can be used in outdoor lanterns to help keep those pesky bugs away and add to the decoration too.


The DIY Drinks Cooler

Whether you opt for an ice box, or make one out of an old wine barrel or big plant pot filled with ice, a drinks chiller is a necessity at any garden party, keeping your guests cool and refreshed with plenty of cold drinks.


Summery Drinks

It wouldn’t be a summer party without some fruit-filled drinks to refresh your guests, and you may be surprised by how easy they are to make. How about trying one of our favourites:

Raspberry Spritzer: 250ml soda water; 125g cup frozen raspberries; 2 sprigs fresh mint; 125ml ounces raspberry-flavoured syrup; Ice cubes.

Adding Chambord makes it a cheeky alcoholic tipple for adults only, yet still a great tasting drink.

Iced Fruit Punch: 1500ml of assorted fruit juices (pineapple, mango, grape and orange are especially delicious); 750ml of ginger ale; 750ml of soda water; Ice cubes.

Why not get your kids involved and make some home-made lemonade too? 


BBQ Must Haves

If your party will feature an aroma-filled BBQ, then you’ll want to have these must-haves to hand:

  •       Charcoal
  •       Matches.
  •       Firelighters.
  •       Skewers.
  •       Meat (chicken, steak and burgers for the kids always go down well).
  •       Vegetarian Options (falafel burgers, halloumi burgers, tofu hotdogs).
  •       Side Dishes (coleslaw, salad, potato salad and rice for example).
  •       Sauces (BBQ, mustard, ketchup and guacamole).
  •       Plates.
  •       Napkins.
  •       Cutlery.

This ensures everyone is catered for. 

Have a wonderful summer party! Share your pictures with us on Social Media.