Interior design trends for 2018

Posted: Monday January 22, 2018

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We’ve been cruising magazines, interior design blogs and Pinterest to see what the big interior design trends are for 2018. Whether you are putting your own stamp on your brand new Oriel home, or you are redecorating one room in your house to make a change, check out these trends and see if any of them inspire you to create your dream home.

Bold colours

Gone are the days when you would paint your whole house in off white or magnolia. Now it is all about making a statement. Teal, purples, dark greys and forest greens are the ‘in’ colours and not just for one ‘statement’ wall either. Go bold or go home!

Wall art

Art is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. With the booming trade of independent artists on websites like Etsy, and with high street stores like TK Maxx & Dunelm selling lovely prints, there is no reason why everyone can’t show off their individual style on their walls. A top tip – keep all of the frames the same style so as not to overload the senses. Create a stunning and sophisticated display by buying the same style frame in different shapes and sizes and then you can display all of the art you love. If you have a creative streak, why not create some art of your own?


It is all about bringing your garden indoors in 2018. You may have seen the hashtags like #urbanjungle trending on social media, where people show off their horticultural and interior design skills with stunning window sills, tables, walls and displays of exotic plants. Taking care of plants is good for the soul, and on dreary winter days coming home to a house full of greenery can work wonders on your frame of mind.

Darker colours

Interior paint colours always used to be light, bright and nearly white. The idea was that a room that was painted in a light colour would appear bigger than those painted in a dark colour, which can have an element of truth. However, in bigger rooms or rooms that you are trying to create a sense of warmth and cosiness (or ‘hygge’ if we are being very in vogue) a dark, warming colour can create much more atmosphere than a bright white or magnolia. Top tip- make sure you test the colours on the walls to see what they look like in your lighting. Many painting mishaps have been made when you forget to use the tester pots!

Mixing & matching metals

2017 saw the resurgence of metals. Every piece of lighting, handle and photo frame was brass, copper or rose gold. Luckily, this fabulous trend is here to stay, and more of it! 2018 promises more exposed metal colours and the key is to mix and match. Don’t overload a room with too much of the same metal colour – mix a matte black metal with bronze, or top your brass handled dresser with a rose gold ornament.


One part of your room that you could certainly forget about in the past was your ceiling; just paint it white and leave it be. Now, it is all about the ‘statement’ ceiling – a patterned wall paper or a bright coloured paint will take you to an interior fashionista level of style.


Finally, the material of 2018 is velvet. It’s all about texture, texture, texture, so what better material to mix in with your metals than velvet. It looks stunning in the deep, bold colours we are splashing on our walls, so choose a few statement pieces like a chair or cushions to give your home a luxurious feel. 

Velvet furnishings are one of the interior design trends in 2018