New Home Décor Trends

Posted: Wednesday August 8, 2018

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Whereas 2017 was characterised by colour blocked walls, tropical leaf prints and mixed patterned furniture, 2018 has given us something even better. From bold wall colours that will make your rooms pop to brass accents that add that bit of luxury, we take you through 5 key trends that are taking the interior design world by storm.

Stand-out Hues

As soon as Pantone announced that ‘Ultra Violet’ was 2018’s ‘Colour Of The Year’ due to its ability to communicate, ‘originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future’, the colour, and bold ones like it such as Navy and Emerald Green have shown up in magazine after magazine as the go-to wall and sofa colour. If painting a whole room in one of these colours sounds too much, then try matching with lighter purples, blues, pinks or oranges for elegance.

If you’re not feeling brave enough to paint the walls in such bold colours, try accessorising with these on trend colours instead with cushions, vases, flowers and lamps. 

Dark Woods

We’re stepping away from the bleached woods of the Scandi trend this year and instead opting for dark oak, mahogany and walnut to give our bookcases, cupboards and shelves some character. Complementing the darker wall tones this signifies, in Ideal Home’s words, ‘a resurgence for retro glamour’, and provides, ‘a new take on modern luxe’.

House Plants Are Bigger, Better And Bolder

Plants have always been a key accessory in the home, but instead of simple flower arrangements that fit nicely on your windowsills, large plants are a must in this year’s home, and they aren’t in the places you would immediately think of! For example, palms, snake plants, aloe vera, massangeana and Chinese evergreen have striking patterns that make for a statement, and placing them on the staircase or hanging from the ceiling makes for a decorative design.

Plants are also good for our health. As RHS states the psychological and physical health benefits include:

  •       An improved mood.
  •       Reduced stress levels.
  •       Improved attention span.
  •       Reduced blood pressure.
  •       Reduced fatigue and headaches.

Inspiration From The World.

Summer is the season of travel and every year there’s cultural influences reflected in rugs, throws, furniture and accessories. For example, John Lewis’ Fusion collection uses colours and patterns seen in the palaces and cities of Rajasthan, India, and Ikat chairs and stools are making a comeback too. This can add a raw, earthy and boho-chic feel to your home.

Best In Brass. 

Metallic touches are not new, but this year brass is taking priority over previous favourites copper and rose gold. A brass bowl full of sweets or potpourri is a nice touch in the living room, as well as brass-based lamps, mirrors and ornaments. 

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