Rainy Day Activities in Your New Home

Posted: Tuesday August 28, 2018

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It wouldn’t be a British summer without some rain now, would it? Though we all enjoy being out in the sun, it doesn’t mean staying inside can’t be fun either. If you’re wondering how you’ll keep the kids entertained today, we have got you covered.


Create An Indoor Treasure Hunt

To keep the kids moving and amused for hours, an indoor treasure hunt is the answer. Create clues that link to objects found around the house, ensuring that the first clue leads onto the second, and so on. The treasure could be a bag of their favourite sweets, hair clips or small toys that will reward them for all their hard work.

The Spruce offer a great list of clues and answers. For example:

1)    I can take you to places you've never seen, but first type your password in on my screen (computer).

2)    I'm not a selfie, but I do show faces. Find me in bathrooms and a few other places (mirror).

3)    I rain on you when you need a scrub. I'm very much like my friend the tub (shower).

4)    It's my job to give all your clothes a tumble, which I do while making a bit of a rumble (dryer).

5)    Most every day, you step on me. All I require is a bend of your knee (stairs).  


Have A Bake Off!

Why not have some fun in the kitchen and show your kids how to create some yummy treats that you can all eat later. Hold a mini competition to determine which creation comes out on top, or choose titles such as ‘Tastiest’ and ‘Best Decorations’ to give to each child, so that everyone can win a prize. 

If you’re unsure of what to create, we suggest BBC Good Food’s Victoria Sponge, which is simple to make and delicious, or a pizza which they’ll love to decorate with vegetables giving them their 5 a day too! You can follow this recipe to make one from scratch, or buy ready-made ingredients from your nearby supermarket.


Invent Your Own Board Game 

Monopoly, Checkers and Guess Who? are all fine, but why not encourage your kids to create their own board game full of their own imagination and ingenuity. Help them choose the theme (e.g. medieval or based on a favourite TV or film character), the mechanics (e.g. in Monopoly, the mechanics include dice rolling, buying and selling property and making money) and determine how a player can win. A set of rules is crucial. Who knows? You may end up developing the next big hit!


Movie Marathon Day

For a really relaxing day, why not make some popcorn and hot chocolate and snuggle up under a duvet for a movie day? Whether your kids are into Disney, musicals, comedies or action films, the genres are endless and therefore, so are the films available to watch. Family classics are sure to please everyone and could include:

  • Toy Story.
  • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.
  • Aladdin.
  • Frozen.
  • The Sound Of Music.

Alternatively, spend the day watching home movies of special events you’ve attended or hosted and family moments such as birthdays, first steps and holidays you’ve all enjoyed together.

 The rain doesn’t have to stop your fun. You may end up having an even better day than you originally planned.

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