The Best Walking Trails In South Liverpool

Posted: Tuesday April 3, 2018

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If you’ve been wondering when Spring will officially start, so that you can leave your coat at home, bask in the glorious sun and walk among the beautiful blossom and new-born wildlife, then you’re not alone. As South Liverpool boosts some of the best walking trails in the north-west, we count down our favourite 5 that we know you’ll love, so that when Spring finally does arrive, you’ll know exactly where to go. 


5) Halewood Triangle

This great park is a 10-miute drive from our fantastic Woodlands Development and features a forest, cycleway, habitats of the wildflower, wetland and woodland variety as well as walking, cycling and conservation clubs for all ages.

The pond is also great for nearby picnics, though you may be joined by some feathery company.


4) Woolton

Woolton is a pretty village with much to offer, so the 30-minute walking route is definitely worth it. Along the way you’ll find history with the old Picture House, and St. Peter’s Church Hall, where Beatles legends John Lennon and Paul McCartney met. Cafes, shops and flowers will add to the relaxing ambience that is Woolton. 


3) Netherley

If you fancy a longer walk, then Netherley’s 50 minute amble will certainly keep you occupied. You’ll pass the always inviting Netherley Park, and should you feel like teeing off, the Lee Park Golf Club is around the corner. Walking along the brook can be extremely peaceful too.


2) Belle Vale

Belle Vale is a similar distance away on the Liverpool Loop Line, and offers a variation of churches, fields and shops – for example, the Belle Vale Shopping Centre. If you’re lucky, you may catch Gateacre FC playing a match at the school.


1) Formby Beach

You don’t have to wait for the summer to go to the beach. Not only does the sand, dunes and nearby pine woodlands make for a pleasant walk, but you’ll spot red squirrels watching you from the trees. There are great walking trails here too. The Asparagus Trail is particularly fascinating, where award-winning asparagus has been grown since the 1800s.


They all sound great, don’t they? We can’t wait for the warmer weather so that we can spring into action!